CocoBrew - Las Brisas / Colombia

CocoBrew - Las Brisas / Colombia

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Country: Colombia

Department: Tolima 

Process: Fully-washed

Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Drying Method: Fully sun-dried 

Tasting notes: "Bright with notes of orange and peach with a delicate but long-lasting finish. Expect very sweet citric notes, deep yellow fruits."

History: The department of Tolima is famous for its steep mountains, abundant water, and deep valleys that create the perfect recipe for agriculture. Between those high mountains, the wind tends to blow year-round from the Rioblanco River and through the coffee fields, filling the air with sweet fragrances.  Las Brisas is the Spanish word for Breeze, which sums up what it's like to a coffee grower in the region. 

The growers have made great leaps to consistently produce high-quality coffee, and continue to seek out ways to improve.  Techniques used include slow drying with the breeze, manual defect removal, specialized tree care, long fermentation processes, and picking only mature cherries.