Anhumas - São Paulo, Brazil
Anhumas - São Paulo, Brazil

Anhumas - São Paulo, Brazil

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Anhumas comes from the city called Vale da Grama in the Mogiana region in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. 

Process: Natural

Variety: Catuaí & Mundo Novo

The Anhumas valley ranges from 1100- 1350masl.
Sitio Anhumas is a well-run family farm of the Mabelli family, Italian descendants who moved to Brazil in the 1930s to work on coffee plantations.
Clayton Mabelli, the son running this farm is the third generation on the farm. The word Anhumas is a big black bird that used to be prevalent in the area and gives the name of the valley.
Sustainable agricultural practices and no herbicides used.
Roasted by hand in micro-batches, in Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland.