What is Speciality Coffee?

Speciality coffee is an experience, often refered to as the "Third wave of coffee movement," essentially, the demand for a high quality bean that meets or excedes stringent standards for both cultivation and preperation. 

"The widely accepted definition of specialty coffee is coffee scoring 80 points or above on the 100-point Coffee Review scale. Coffee scoring from 90-100 is graded Outstanding, coffee that scores 85-89.99 is graded Excellent, while coffee scoring 80-84.99 is graded Very Good." Source"Celebrating Erna Knutsen's Specialty Coffee". 25 Magazine: Issue 6. SCA News. Retrieved 2019-08-26.

From this start we begin the process of transoforming speciality beans into the CocoBrew experience.  Roasted in small batches in Temple Bar, the heart of Dublin, and delievered direct to your door. 

Cocobrew Speciality Roasters

Sera do Cegano - Cocobrew Roasters, Temple Bar, Dublin.